Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Parenting is an incredible journey, with so many adventures and even more questions. Along the way, I have found many valuable resources, please enjoy them and pass them along.

Pregnancy & Birth


The Baby Book by Sears and Sears: the everything-you-need-to-know guide about attachment parenting from pregnancy to age two.
The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin: a great read for the birth partner and the mother – explores the myriad of possible experiences you may have when giving birth.

Traditional Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin: chronicles of many women’s birth stories at a unique birthing community in the US.

Online Resources:

Expect the Best When You Are Expecting – an online collection of modules that expecting mamas (and papas) can read in their own time, “Assisting you with specific and inspired actions to prepare for a natural, beautiful and soul satisfying birth experience!”  It is a FREE download!

Cloth Diapering

Our ultimate favourite diaper: Bum Genius OS (“one-size”) 4.0!

Available in Edmonton at Bosom Babies, our favourite local eco-baby store (they have an online shop too):

HINT: We say no to velcro. It wears so quickly, gets stuff stuck in it, and irritates baby’s skin. Opt for snaps – but beware of cheaper diapers with snaps – you want them to last!

Fuzzibunz is also a popular brand; however, we’ve noticed the quality of the product has dropped dramatically in the last 2 years – much cheaper material = plenty of leakage.

Kawaii is a Canadian company based in Vancouver that also makes an OS diaper.


“Loving More and Yelling Less”

On the Ferber method, AKA “Crying it out”


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