terracorpora offers Nia™ Technique classes

Nia™ (“nee-ah”)

opens mental, physical, emotional and spiritual doors.  Nia™ addresses the whole person, placing attention on integration, play, sensory awareness, pleasure and love. It uses systematic movement, moving the entire body with grounded steps and stances from martial arts, dance and body integration therapies. Mindful, conscious, sacred, and sensory, the senses of your body and pleasure guide and direct your dance.

All you need is a body.

Come and play!

Reconnect with pleasure! Invite the child within you to come out and play. Nia™ is a holistic way to let go, invoke your inner warrior, shake & shimmy, be silly, and experience JOY!

Please visit the Nia™ website for more information about Nia™ Technique.

Janelle has been teaching Nia™ in Edmonton since her initial training in August 2007. She is a certified White Belt Nia™ Instructor (Salt Spring Island with Martha Randall) and a certified Nia™ for Kids Instructor (Portland, OR with Britta von Tagen).

Nia™ Classes with Janelle

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30

City Arts Centre, 10943 84 Avenue, Edmonton

Pre-registered only

Please call 311 to register, or visit, enter “Nia” in the “Search” window for current classes.

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