Music transcends boundaries. Dance transforms the soul. Put them together, and something inexplicably powerful happens.

Lasya Lada creates textures ranging from goopy to swinging to bumping. Unbound by one particular genre, she feels the possibilities of where the dance “flo” could go and responds accordingly. What can be said is that “world” and BASS sounds heavily influence her style.

This DJ journey began in elementary school when Lasya was often the one providing music for recess and birthday parties. In 2012, she finally delved into the many-years-in-the-making dream and started resident DJ’ing for Noorish Yoga’s weekly Dance Temple, a non-verbal, conscious dance event. Since then she has played at Arcatribe’s enVision and Symmetree events, Intention Alberta, Noorish Conscious Dance Parties and Astral Harvest Music Festival. Your party next?


Photo credit to Luke GS aka Vonlukester:

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